Shemford Vision and Mission

Building a Strong Foundation: Why SHEMFORD Futuristic School Patna is the Perfect Choice for Your Child’s Education

Why is SHEMFORD Futuristic School Patna the ideal choice for your child's education?

  • “SHEMFORD” (ford meaning: path) i.e after the “rock” solid foundation at SHEMROCK, children can find their own “path” at SHEMFORD.
  • 24+ year old Research Based Organization
  • Established Brand (3,00,000+Alumni)
  • 300+ Preschools & Senior Schools in India & Abroad
  • Managed by Foreign Qualified Eminent Educationists

What makes us special?

  • First school chain to be awarded by Limca Book of Records, 2013
  • Joyful, Nurturing, Enriching Child-Friendly Environment based on Research
  • Innovative Curriculum based on NCRT & CBSE Pattern
  • Well-developed & proven ShemEduMAX School System
  • Them-based Experiential Programme
  • Technology Based Learning
  • Caring & Highly Trained Teachers
  • Special English Conversation Classes in the Digital Language Lab
  • Confidence building through Stage Exposure and Co-curricular activities
  • Edutrips, Birthday celebrations, Picnics etc.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

The vision behind shemford schools

  • At SHEMFORD Schools we believe in the power of “What if…”
  • What if children wake up their parents to go th school everyday?
  • What if they run to school and walk back home?
  • What if they are as excited about learning as they are about playing?
  • What if they look forward to tests?
  • What if children love school days more than holidays?
  • ‘What if…’ is a question that inventors ask themselves every day. It drives people to innovate their world. At Shemford, we love this question. It makes us think of the unusual, of the extraordinary and allows us to explore new possibilities. Possibilities of making schooling interesting, engaging and motivating.

The Mission of shemford schools

  • Will children really love to come to SHEMFORD?

Sure! All it requires is an understanding of a child’s interests, passions and using these as vehicles for motivation.

We often hear parents saying that their children don’t like to go the school, but what if they don’t realise is that when education is ‘presented’ in a push model, it becomes the slowest, least effective and most uninteresting path to learning. Adhering to this method of mass production in an age of digital personalization, is a disservice to education. Not only does it make learning dull and de-motivating the children, it also makes schools boring places.

Now, just for a moment, think what would happen if SHEMFORD  were to turn the system around?

What if we question the traditional rules as we build schools of the future?

What if our school make children as excited about learning as they are about playing with friends?

What if children at our school don’t have to study hard to learn?

What if learning here id both relevant and useful?

The mission of shemford schools

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    • Presenting SHEMFORD, a futuristic school, to which, children run to; not because they ‘have’ to!
    • Our Mission- ‘To make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic’