Ranjeet Kumar Gupta

Chemistry TEACHER

Ranjeet Kumar Gupta

I am a chemistry educator ,lecturer and mentor with an experience of 10 years. I have mentored more than 10000+ students and most of them have got a top rank and have been admitted to top universities in India and abroad. I have experience teaching 5000+ hrs of live classes and 20000+ hrs of offline classes.
In my point of view a school is a second home for everyone and Shemford Futuristic School Patna is one of the top schools in our country which believes strongly in team work. I enjoy teaching here because students are very good and disciplined. This school stands first in building confidence level and improving capabilities of students.
What appeals to me most here is that the school focuses on developing well-mannered students who will go on to becoming good human beings. The school focuses equally on curricular, co-curricular and emotional intelligences.
At Shemford we believe each student has the potential to become a valuable asset for our nation.


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